Stephanie Marie Cedeño (she/her) is a first generation Panamanian-U.S. American interaction designer, artist, educator, and writer.  

She is consistently oscillating between applied & experimental realms.

Her research-led practice explores the materiality of technology through various physical and digital media in order to propose more sustainable, eco-feminist futures. 

Outside of industry, she teaches and documents methods on her teaching site; and collects concepts & intuitions on

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Currently reading

❁ The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action* by Audre Lorde;

Kairos by Jenny Erpenbeck

Currently listening to

✿ New Blue Sun by André 3000

Currently ruminating on

✷ How to imagine and build more equitable, non-punitive structures;

✷ poetic software design

P.S. This website is typset in Sunset Gothic, designed by Benjamin Critton.