My client-based practice encompasses a range of branding, identity, and design strategy work. Below is a sampling of client projects (that I can show) and self-led graphic design projects. 

Identity Design, Branding, + Design Consultation
Client: Rani Wise & Co.

2017- present

One of the latest projects I did for Rani and her company was the do the branding for her brand new podcast. Above, a screenshot of some of the “in process” iterations I designed to help us focus what we wanted for the final design.
After a few iterations, we settled on the continuous “squiggle” as the main graphical element for a pop of fun as well as the squiggle’s reference to radio and sound waves. The purple colors for the main image references the colors found in the identity guidelines for Rani’s consultancy business (for which I also redesigned). 

^Above, a screenshot from the current identity guidelines I created and synthesized for Rani Wise & Co. 

Identity Design + Consultation
Client: Artificial Knowing

Artificial Knowing is an AI design consultancy, founded in 2017 by Selwa Sweidan and Christine Meinders. The consultancy focuses on inclusivity in AI design, and operates in R&D, community workshops, and other innovation practices. Nicci Yin and I collaborated for this project on a logomark and color scheme for their identity.
Our idea for Artificial Knowing came from exploring circles, a common symbol from the inspiration deck our clients put together for us, as well as wavelengths common in representing sound for conversational user interfaces (CUIs).

The voice of the studio had to reflect both its design capacities, its familiarity with artificial intelligence, as well as its flexible scope (research, community, etc.)

For the wordmark, we designed an arch bridging the two works in their name: artificial and knowing. The consultancy often describes themselves as "knowledge designers," responding to the idea that there are biases and design elements involved in creating knowledge, especially artificial knowledge. We wanted to indicate a bridging of these two concepts to show that the studio works between/across these two fields.

The clients also put in special requests for colors in the form of inspiration images (below), from which my partner and I drew four primary color schemes that are used in variable logomarks (see above).

Poster Design

Micro-Prophecies: Machine Learning for Future-Casting

Poster Design
Crit Club, ArtCenter College of Design

Typography + Logo Design
St. Louis Typeface

Graphic Design + Ideation

Co-edited & co-designed with Jessie Joyce.

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