mozaiq, an IoT platform-as-service

currently: Product Owner
formerly: Design & UX Lead

IoT, Smart Home, Connected Living

Sketch, JIRA/Confluence, VERTX

the mozaiq Use Case Designer––a simple drag and drop system for easy interoperability. 

The video above goes through the user journey of designing a simple logic to validating, or testing, that the logic works.

mozaiq is an Internet of Things-platform-as-service that ensures that your smart asset works smoothly with others. mozaiq is a joint venture between ABB, Bosch, and Cisco based in Munich, Germany.

I am currently the Product Owner for the platform, and formerly the Design & UX Lead for the IoT Use Case Designer and the company’s design strategy.


Value Helpers
On the Use Case Designer, the asset tiles offer value helpers that help users establish specific values. From a color picking tool for smart lighting options to sliders for adjusting brightness and option controls for booleans (on/off, open/closed), value helpers guide the user to quickly sketch out the possibilites for their use case.

The “Summary” gives users a high level overview of what exactly is happening in the use case in a sentence format.
The summary uploads dynamically and can easily be revealed or hidden with a simple click.
Code View
The “Code View” button displays a read-only version of the logic the user creates. Everything the user does on the UCD has a consequence––dragging and dropping assets generates code that has the potential to be used.