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Last Updated: 15-06-2023 

・゜ 。. INTRO

I am a Product Designer for Zalando where I design fulfillment solutions that help fashion brands support their direct-to-consumer business and grant them access to a growing European fulfillment network. 

While my current focus is on the logistics and fulfillment domain, my projects at my previous company, Bosch.IO, ranged across domains from the clean energy sector and future mobility solutions, to data science and machine learning applications.

I am driven by my mission to critically design black-box systems in order to make technologies more tangible to the people who use them everyday. Through teaching design at various universities, I can share this mission and inspire younger designers to work with technology in their design practices.


Zalando Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Dec 2022 - present
(Project under NDA. Image used for illustrative purposes). 

I am the Design Prime for designing a centralized reporting service for partners to track their customer orders across multiple sales channels, such as Zalando and About You, and across European markets.

I work in two streams:

1) a product-oriented approach with User Research, Engineering, Design, and Product ; and

2) a future service-driven approach with Design, Research, and Product constructing sacrificial concepts for building a future portal.


Project under NDA. To learn more about Multi-Channel Fulfillment at Zalando, check out this press release.

Digital Crèmbach x Lenbachhaus Collaboratory

Dec 2020 - Dec 2021

Working as a Designer-Artist with the museum youth group Kollektiv Crèmbach, I led and taught the co-creation of 4 interaction modules for the Lenbachhaus Museum’s Collaboratory called Digital Crèmbach. The Collaboratory is the museum’s “digital open space” funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes.


Watch the project presentation here.

Try out the interactions firsthand.

Device Driver as a Product, Bosch Powertrain Systems

Oct 2020 - Present

I was the UX Lead for a Bosch innovation project which aims to sell the existing software capability of technical “device drivers” to OEMs in the form of a Configurator and Webshop.

Led a team of two UX Researchers and one UX Design Intern, and coordinated closely with the Engineering Lead and Digital Business Consultants.

Balancing Energy Network:
The Zero Emission Innovation Project by Bosch

July 2020 - Present

The Bosch “Balancing Energy Network” (BEN) is a lighthouse project for balancing energy emissions across Bosch plants. I was the team’s Senior Interaction Designer collaborating with two Data Scientists and the Lead UX Strategist.

Using the Bosch Eisenach Factory as the site of our design work, our prototypes and cultural probes were the foundation for rolling out software solutions that collaborate with the factory employees for zeroing in on energy efficiency.


Winner of the Thüringer EnergieEffizienzpreis 2021: Robert Bosch Fahrzeugelektrik Eisenach GmbH

Depository: Trash in Augmented Reality


Inspired by our curiosity of “the trash” as an unsorted space and our desire to figure out how “disposability” figures into opulent visions of augmented reality, Depository asks: Where does one dispose of their digital objects?

Using the Microsoft Hololens, we propose a new set of interactions for dealing with discarded digital objects: building off AR’s “snap-to-grid” affordance, we imagine that trash floats up to the overlooked space of the ceiling.


Collaborator: Godiva Reisenbichler.

House-Wi-Fi-zation for the Internet of Things 


My MFA thesis for completion at ArtCenter College of Design used the smart home as a site to deal with the domestic labor done by its participants and the invisible maintenance in keeping a home and its IoT systems up-to-date and running.

AI Noir: Networked Colluding in the Internet of Things 


A design fiction inspired by mafia archetypes about secrecy as part of the neighborhood fabric, and how devices with artificial intelligence can “conspire” in the Internet of Things.


Exhibited at Ars Electronica (2017).
Presented at the Post-Internet Cities Conference at MAAT (2017).

Collaborator: Nicci Yin.

Floating Attentions: Animistic Collaborators in Mixed Reality


An exploration into how subtle interactions with AI entities in mixed reality could literally float at one’s fingertips. Inspired by the idea of keeping information “close at hand,” the AI entities bloom poetic provocations for the creative process.


Sketch made part of Phil Van Allen’s design research team towards his research on animistic design.

Presented at the 2017 Sketching in Hardware Conference (deck).

Research documented here.



azulejo explores the "resetting" of the smart city through the act of cleaning during perceived off hours (midnight to about 5AM). In our techno-futures, the human element is still necessary for cleaning these new spaces. By going through the work routine of this individual Hispanic woman, we get a sense of the repetitive, endless, solitary, and satisfactory quality to maintenance work.


Exhibited at the Hot Mess group show at Prince Charles, Berlin (2020) and the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño (2020).