Stephanie Marie Cedeño (she/her)
is a Panamanian-American interaction designer and artist oscillating between applied & experimental realms. She explores the politics of “care” & maintenance to envision more equitable techno-futures.

Outside of industry, she teaches and documents methods on her teaching site; and collects concepts & intuitions on


☆ Product Designer @ Zalando

◯ Adjunct Instructor @ ArtCenter College of Design

☀ Adjunct Instructor & Thesis Advisor @ UE Berlin


✤ Essay House-Wi-Fi-zation, published in the Annual 2023

❂ Teaching: Collecting Research / Research Collections x Graduate Media Design Practices, ArtCenter College of Design

☁ Senior Interaction Designer @ Bosch.IO

✿ Digital Crèmbach x Lenbachhaus Collaboratory, München


poema circulatorio

★ Living in the Interface, Workshop x UE Berlin

❤ tertulia tecnológica x Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, 2019


☯ coming soon / próximamente / in arbeit ☯



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